NEW – vapour stop device


New product – a 4″ vapour stop device model 93 CAMLOCK can be installed in the fuel filling line of an above ground or underground storage tank.

It is designed to prevent the escape of vapour when the tanktruck is not connected.

The vapour stop device can be directly screwed on the loading pipe and accepts any camlock coupling.

After the connection of the tanktruck hose and the beginnging of filling operation, the valve opens for a free liquid flow.


– No vapour leakage

– Easy and quick installation and connection

– Fast hose emptying (less than 30 seconds)

Download datasheet *.pdf

The new vapour stop device is a combination of two products:

model 1450 ADN100 (see the datasheet here) +  the new vapour stop shutter model 93-100 (see the datasheet here).

Camlock loading coupler        +         shutter



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