Our products are the result of the best technology. Before actually manufacturing each single piece, however, there are substantial investments to be made in order to buy state-of-the-art machines.
The machines used at Ridart introduce a revolutionary concept of mechanical production.

We use innovative tools, with a structure that minimizes the development of heat, vibration and noise, ensuring a higher working and cutting accuracy, even for the most complex parts.
Each workspace is equipped with testing tools to check each piece since, given the heavy use, we need to ensure high standards of reliability and durability.



Each single element of a safety valve should be efficient, both individually and in its capacity to integrate with other components.

For us it is important that each piece is carefully tested in our technology laboratory: load sensing relief valves are individually tested to check their compliance with quality standards and guarantee the handcrafted quality typical of made in Italy products.

We have test equipment with an advanced measuring device of the socalled Hammer Test. This test gives us the possibility to evaluate the effects of a valve that closes abruptly at a given pressure, thus allowing us to improve the quality of our work and restrain the effects of sudden flow stops while valves are operating.

Finally, we can report every trial using a software that allows us to print the results of the tests we carried out.

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