Deflagration pressure vacuum vent – Model 197 EN-P

Pressure vacuum vent Model 197ENP


The pressure vacuum vent is normally used in the vapour recovery system (Stage 1).

It is designed to regulate the pressure inside the underground storage tank and to protect it in case of overpressure. It even helps to reduce the evaporation of fuel and environmental pollution.

Flame arrester element is designed to isolate flames and protect the tank from tramsission of flames.

EC design test certificate No.: CEC 12 ATEX 072 – Rev.2 12/2029-AET 997.

The pressure vacuum vent exists in two sizes: 2″ and 3″.

Download datasheet *.pdf

Download datasheet – 3 inch Model 197 EN-P *.pdf     NEW PRODUCT 2017

197 SM

The totally RED Model 197 SM  is a pressure vacuum vent without a spring, so-called weight loaded pressure vacuum vent.

It contains weight loaded relief valve adjusted to certain pressure and vacuum parameters. Under the cap there is the flame proof element – ribbon coil installed.

Download datasheet Model 197 SM*.pdf

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Housing Anodized aluminium
Flame proof element/material Ribbon coil / AISI 304
Spring Steel
Poppet Brass / stainless steel
Standard vacuum - 2,5 mbar
Standard pressure + 35 mbar
Arrester element width/diameter 10 mm / 90 mm
Arrester element standard gap (MESG) 0,9 mm
Thread BSP ISO 228-1