Emergency single poppet shut-off valve – Model 23



Installed in the delivery line, the shut-off valve is designed to stop the delivery of product in the presence of fire or in the event of severe impact on the dispenser. A brass poppet driven by a nylon arm stop the flow of liquid to the forecourt dispenser avoiding fuel spillage hazards.

Shut-off valves are available in 1”1/2 – 2″ BSP threaded version, single poppet or double poppet when the closure of both lines from the underground storage tank (inlet) and to dispenser (outlet) is required.

The valve is normally supplied open and also is provided with test port for air-testing services.

The valve Model 23 is made according to UNI EN 13617-3.

Download datasheet Model 23 *.pdf

Download datasheet Double poppet shut-off valve, Model 26 *.pdf


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Housing Cast iron
Construction Separated
Shaft O-ring Viton
Poppet gasket Viton
Poppet spring Carbon steel
Internal parts Brass
Joining linkage Steel
Pin fusion At 72 °C
Separating force 450/500 N