In-line deflagration flame arrester – Model 330 EN-P



Normally installed where a potentially explosive mixture might be generated to isolate flames in a circumscribed area.

Flame arresters of the size 1″, 1″1/2, 2″ are generally installed in the vapour recovery system.

The installation of 3″ flame arrester Model 330 EN-P  in the loading line is particularly advised where there is small space for its installation and there is no special requirement of high loading speed due to its reduction.

The flame arrester is a single body casting (impossible to open) with the insert of ribbon coil that can be changed when necessary.

EC design test certificate No. CEC 12 ATEX 072 – Rev.2 12/2029-AET 997.

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Housing Brass
Inspectionable Yes (can be disassembled)
Flame proof/material Ribbon coil / AISI 304
Arrester standard gap (MESG) 0,9 mm
Flow direction Bidirectional
Arrester standard gap (MESG) 0,9 mm
Burning class C
Thread BSP ISO 228-1