Vapour line float valve – Model 1010 EN-P

floating valve


The ball float valves Models 1010, 1010 EN-P, 1015 are normally used in the vapour recovery line (Stage 2).

The vapour line float valve is designed to protect the vapour recovery line from fuel overfilling hazard during the product delivery operation.

Flame arrester element is designed to isolate flames and protect a circumscribed area.

The float vent valve must be installed in vertical position on the manhole lid. The valve allows the vapour to go in both directions and the liquid in one direction only.

The ball float has in fact the function to close the vapour line in the event of tank overfilling.

The float vent valve Mod. 1010 EN-P is a single body casting with the insert of flame proof element that can be changed when necessary.

As an alternative it is possible to use Model 1015 with the extractor fitting (see the picture below).

Extractor fitting float vent valve

Download datasheet MODEL 1010 EN-P *.pdf

Download datasheet MODEL 1015 *.pdf

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Housing Aluminium
Ball material Polyurethane
Gasket Viton
Thread BSP ISO 228-1
Flame proof Ribbon coil AISI 304